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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

didnt dress up for halloween this year, just sorta seems like a rerun of wackness. a night full of amutuers.
But on the way to dinner

i ran into elliot and ET on the bart train

Then i thougt i saw Jesus walking around 16th and mission

but it just turned out to be just some hesher with longer hair and a straw hat. i bet this guy can recite all the lines from clerks and pulp fiction "....one ring to rule them all."
took my girl to a nice crepe cinner at Ti Couz tonight for halloween

this is my waiter Nacho, he had that good bread

this is Choo Choo, she didnt wear any eye make up tonight so your gonna have to excuse her, thank you.

mushroom almonds and cheese steez, so good make you wanna SLAP YO" MAMMA!!

went in the back to thank the chiefs, the one on the left wasnt wearing any pants.
other then the display of public plums, i think the night was very great.
good night, jesus

new painting im working on about a sad girl whos parents always fight. and her remembering the last time she was happy was when she was young growing up on the island with her 2 dogs kai and penelope. ..there dead now..

Saturday, October 28, 2006

this is choo choo, she can drink an irish car bomb in 2.8 seconds flat.Which means,, it takes longer to sneeez.
start practicing

did a couple jordan comissions for the homies, peep his face in the backround

Thursday, October 26, 2006

-PIC of th DAY-

now this might not look that great at first glance.This is the dry cleaners next to my house , they have probally the dopest window display ever. And seriously this is no accident, they change this maniquins top every 2 days, then they put the helmet back on. also ive noticed they move the bags around, there not always in the same spot. This shits bannanas!
But like really good bannanas that always change and that have a Giants helmet on top of them.

just went to teatro zinzani, the dinner theatre. Shits pretty fun, heres El Vez the Mexican Elvis. Hes also the guy id pic to play me if there ever was a movie of my life.get OawesOOME!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

detail of a painting im working on for a new show.

get Oawsome!!


Monday, October 23, 2006

this is my friend choo choo beating me at the Make a dragon with your face contest.noooice!

Henrizzle, has that good hand. I bust those Stoopid dope moves homie

I met this girl in hawaii, she was soo cool right off the bat, her personality was so awesome i didnt even really see the beard any more.

me and my friend at the giants game

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

-PIC of the DAY-

my buddys tribute to Ol Stevie Irwin,,RIP
(not shepard)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

-PIC of the DAY-

Andy Howell playing that old game of put the head in the monkeys hand.
man, this brings me back
not much happening, heres a lil photo medley

nice tattoo of tiger baby on someones arm

me and Jeremy F trying to hop a train in china.... just playin, it was a atationary display cart. its just me actin like an ASS.


tiger temple, Kao Shiung. they made me roar

new custom fatima for philly

it was very hot , i think it was 30 degress above hell that day.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

-PIC of the DAY-

me with my body gaurd at a show in Tai Pei ( kao shiung)

Last week me and my boy Paul went to go see the A"s play the last game they one before the Tigerscrushed. Anyway this game was dope.

i went to the food stand to get a bag of hot peanuts and 2 waters.... this is Carolyn she works behind the counter.....And she was HAMMERED!! she smelled like a little bit of coffee and alotta whiskey> i asked her for the 2 waters and she said" oooochiild we donts sell watah herr> just corona and dr.pepper!!" i said "well theres a box of water right there behind you." and i pointed to a big box full of ice and botteled water> she laughed and screamed" ooooo boy, you must be some sorta MAGIC JOEEY!"
that was probally the best part of my day... seriously
Last week i went down to the Varnish gallery and was blown away. theres a pretty dope show up stairs with a mix of artists, but down stairs....

but the best thing ive seen in a long time was this guy that designed these handmade cameras. That actually worked and had a relationship with the subject he was shooting. the shits Siieck! Last night i just got the new Juxtapoz and he has a good article in there so peep it but the man is crazed. Im not sure if its still up but go check> i peed my self a little bit when i saw them, thats right ... a lil pee came out

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Eric bailey had some nice peces of his girl and his girls shoes and his girl holding this machine gun

Ro killed it with these 2 paintings of his dogs and one of the Eyes of the Hamburger

Kim had some dope buildings

Joels fish series
we then traveled over to 111minna where Joel Dugan Kim kogan and my boy Rogelio Martineze were having a show,

took a minute to get my camera back, so lets catch up from last thursday. Left my gallery and first went to see giant and vitches show, it was very nice, picked up a dope vitche piece, gave the mikey giant a kiss (no homo!) and and got to see my boy bens new mustache.