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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Last week me and my boy Paul went to go see the A"s play the last game they one before the Tigerscrushed. Anyway this game was dope.

i went to the food stand to get a bag of hot peanuts and 2 waters.... this is Carolyn she works behind the counter.....And she was HAMMERED!! she smelled like a little bit of coffee and alotta whiskey> i asked her for the 2 waters and she said" oooochiild we donts sell watah herr> just corona and dr.pepper!!" i said "well theres a box of water right there behind you." and i pointed to a big box full of ice and botteled water> she laughed and screamed" ooooo boy, you must be some sorta MAGIC JOEEY!"
that was probally the best part of my day... seriously


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