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Thursday, November 09, 2006

heres a piece i just did called: The Great Bunny Exchange
back in the 1800s small towns in Kyoto, the two villages on eatch side of the Osaka river every new year would exchange there bunnies. Because eatch village had to much of the same sex of rabbit, so they would switch them out for opposites.....
......Im just kidding, thats not true i just thought this painting would be cooler if they were exchanging bunnies, Wagone!!

5024SF paired up with Ningiyoushi again and made the GetSmallSeries. Dave Choe, J fish, Coro and I all made little guys, they come in a card board muni bus, and should be out in the middle of november.There nice stockin stuffers, also there perfect size to huck at hobos that are pissing on your neighbors car ( you know the neighbor that always has cute girls on thier arm and sells the good weed..u know)

BILLY BRONZE....siver tiger ring sold seperate(u cant afford it)

Bill Bronze was a friend of mine who passed away a few years ago, so this figure is sorta a homage to him.
SOPE rip...


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