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Thursday, November 23, 2006

my moms and little brother came down for thanksgivin for a few days.

put my moms in the hotel room i painted at Hotel Des Artes

my little brother petey

my boy made a lovely dinner full of tofu delights, these are 2 free range baby tofurkeys. Its better to let the tofu roam free in its natural habitat. you can totally taste the difference in taste of a freerange tofu and one breed in captivity.
mmm just like the pilgrims used to make.
you know the pilgrims envented tofu, and this is what started the great wars between the pilgrims and the Indians of redwood falls, it was because of the tofu

this is also a Tofurkey, obviously a much stronger male version of the tofu family. this one put up a great deal of hostility before fallin under the knife.
god bless those damn pilgrims......... and there magic tofu

a painting


Blogger Amelia said...

Ok seriously.. maybe you should try some Field Roast... MUCH better than Tofurkey...

3:44 PM  

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