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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry christmas,, put your junk in THaT box!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

On our trip to madrid every morining when i would awake i wouold look out my window and see him, just stairing at me...laughing

"ha ha why dont you come down and have a beer haha" its 10 in the mornin, you SON OFA bitc! id tell him. He would not listen to me. I HATED HIM at the same time.. I loved him

This was his view this is what he saw every morning. my window is the open one on the top right. if you asked him i think he hated me too but equally loved me. Not in a gay way but in a 2 friendly pirates havin a semi cold beer at 10 in the morning
kinda way......you know what i mean

kid fox in barcelona

Yancovich stink buggin it in barcelona

You mess with the bull, you get ..a guy with probally the best hair cut in the woorld.

Yonkovich droppin the rock n roll hammer down in spain

window painting i did at a shop in Madrid couple years ago

this reminds me of my first time when i was 8 when i sat on a wooden beer keg and rubbed one out. get oasome!

me and anthony yankovich in spain with the peoples

Saturday, December 23, 2006

did a show while back where me( aka black santa) and my boy ronnie did some live paintin joint for Tekitha and her boy rza

live painting i did in Madrid few years back

for the record i didnt take this my boy nikki did, and it wass to show a friend of ours that fancied the big girls. Needless to say she wasnt happy non the less

the douchebagiteers! allow me to introduce Johnny Mustache, Trustus Jones, Mr. Broccolli Rab and th infamous Nikki Whiteshoes!!

I was just in portalnd for my birthday were we did dthis loive painitn jammy jam with the dandy warhols.( me, jeremy fish, dave choe, galo and the london police) alot of cabbies out there were indifferent about the idea of the dandys but i gotta tell you it was pretty fuckin fun. more pictures of th trip when i get my charger back. bumba clot!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006