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Sunday, December 24, 2006

On our trip to madrid every morining when i would awake i wouold look out my window and see him, just stairing at me...laughing

"ha ha why dont you come down and have a beer haha" its 10 in the mornin, you SON OFA bitc! id tell him. He would not listen to me. I HATED HIM at the same time.. I loved him

This was his view this is what he saw every morning. my window is the open one on the top right. if you asked him i think he hated me too but equally loved me. Not in a gay way but in a 2 friendly pirates havin a semi cold beer at 10 in the morning
kinda way......you know what i mean


Blogger gamma888 said...

funny shit... can you tell me what hotel is that? i'd love to stay there for a week on july 2007. lmk...

thanks.. btw, great show at the white walls...

1:21 AM  

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