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Thursday, February 22, 2007

went to vegas trade show< stopped by UP booth< said whats up to ol Mr. Cartoon

Also saw A Howell

meet this dude in the bathroom, he was kind of an asshole. but damn could he party!

back in SF at toppers video shoot, doin his best impersenation of the 12grain catalog

with topper and friends filiming a scene at beautybar for his new video Security Security out in april. hes the one on the right

this is my friend Choo Choo< i think shes samoan or something, she is my friend but swears its not because i wear stupid stupid shirts.

CMA crew

had to take my lil tree out to take a shit. serious!! im not trying to be funny the thing shits everywhere!

Monday, February 05, 2007

this year ive been makin alittle more money, so yea thatss right!! sprang for the bigggg tree!!

Mr. Choe getting ready for a performance that only god, the devil and about 500 hundred fans from portland got to witness. this is what he looked like under his nacho libre wrestling mask. so you know what kinda party im talkin bout!!

welcome to douche country, cmon in the waters warm..

went to a bar in China town and saw this dude literally puttin his balls on the table, go Giants!!
heres my friend Dega, the other night he had a drinkin contest with himself.
he won,,, and also lost. here he is about 4 blocks down the street from sober

ans the funny thing is normally hes not gay...

this is Nicky Ferrari, he stopped by the other day to show me hows hes liivinn. Then i find out hes renting everything even his peecoat,and hes actually livin at his girlfriends moms house. WOW!!.........................................im jus kiddin
his names not Nicky Ferrari.....

Mikey ChristmasSweaters< "Fuck you, paymee!"

try the johnnycakes, that orange juice was 8dollars

they dont make salt shakers like they used to,,,,