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Monday, January 07, 2008

some of the highlights from last year
Happy Newyears bitches

Cheech Wizard found dead,... or a just a hobo sleepin in a pockodot enchalada

went to New York, hung out with this guy

Gentle Giant sighting corner store Bush and Jones

came out of Golden Era and this man was actually changing a lil black babys diapers on the sidewalk..
get awesom!

saw a space man having a hard time getting in the car, well cuz his jetpack kept getting stuck on the seatbelt

news reporters made the mistake of giving the mic to this guy

2nd sighting of Gentle Giant, Cala on california st.

my old neighbor she just opend up a glass dildo shop, so why wouldnt her christmas tree look like this

my good friend Nick Sweeny, showing off his new addition to his prized pucha shell necklace collection

my brother, did this. th ol robin hood
really he did it

saw this drawn on the wall at Art Basel in Miami
no homo

had to take this lil Buddy Holly special, to medford Oregon. these lil sons a bitches are crazy sketchy with the turbulence in the sky they swirve up down left right and swivle side ways, felt like a hubcap in a hurricane


went to a weird local yocal bar in oregon alled il Bown Jug, they were doin kaaoke, hosted by a plus size woman, this is the song she sang

bart simpson pancakes
came in scond place in a pancake contest