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Monday, January 07, 2008

some of the highlights from last year
Happy Newyears bitches

Cheech Wizard found dead,... or a just a hobo sleepin in a pockodot enchalada

went to New York, hung out with this guy


Blogger nuespeedracer86 said...

hey how's it going sam? i'm a student living in mountain view city, south of san fran. and basically i wanted to say that i love your artwork, and all your characters you've created. i've purhased your books and have definetely helped support upper,for quite a while now. Perhaps you dont get this too often but: i have an amazing girlfriend whome i love quite a lot; that also adores your artwork, we gauk at it together. point being...i love her very much. she is looking for a new tatoo to add to her canvas that is her body. she's been looking into it and is absolutely in love with some of your tiger artwork that you've done. we've been going over to upper so that we could find a away to get in contact with you, and finally they told me about your blog. Basically i'd like to see if perhaps you could take some time off from your busy schedule and help my gf out by designing something for her to tatoo on herself, and giving us the permission to do so. i dont know how the process is but if you could help me out this would be a great gift for me to give to her. Nothing is for free, i mean after all we live in a democratic state, so i understand that it would cost some time, and time is money. i'm working and going to school so i'm willing to go through with the process of funding this project if you're up for it. your artwork would be on her body forever and that is something that would mean a lot to her, and for me to see her happy...there is no other feeling then that in the world, cuz in turn i am happy. i gotta head off to work but i hope to hear from you soon man, best of wishes! hope you get back to me,
email me at nuespeedracer86@aol.com. peace!

6:52 AM  

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