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Sunday, August 31, 2008

just got back from hamming it up at the DNC in Denver, had to paint this big boy in 2 and a half days
its called New America, acrylic and aerosal 10ft x 10ft
the rest is a bit of a blurr


Blogger monica said...

wow sam! PT showed me this last night and i was completely overtaken by the vision on the computer screen. I can only imagine at 10ftx10ft what this must be like in real life!
you somehow continue to out-do yourself, and make more and more of an absolute fan out of me.
I am thankful I was introduced to your work and feel blessed to have witnessed the kind, gentle nature that exists within such a talented guy capable of such brilliance.
please consider showing this new masterpiece of yours just one more time here in SF before you tuck it away. there's still this butterfly adorned fatima who is anxious to have the same happen with her ;)

thanks sam, for sharing your journeys and your brilliance with us.
keep on, keepin on fella!!!

3:06 PM  

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