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Monday, October 27, 2008

Roland Sands Airplane hanger mural project

Thursday, October 09, 2008

just finished a big mural for Roland Sands Designs and Toyota, for the Bike and Car trade show. we spent about 4 days in an airplane hanger at the LongBeach airport. Saber and N8 Van Dyke also painted in the hanger. it was very fun, and grooling doing something this big in 4 days. but the last day of painting wasnt bad, we spent the day with Estvan Oriol and these models at the hanger shooting for the new catalog and calendar. hard day! very hard day=)

U wont like Hulk when hes hungry!!

day 3

roland getting down on his big mural dabut!

Ol Sabeski...

So ol Sammy Cheese grits Flowers and the Sparks team tied up the last leg of the Tour in Phoenix
aka The Fast and The Curious! Sparks tour 2008
heres a few hi-lights of the trip, well in our case Low-lights..

Famous floppy disc waffle from Wafflehouse, accompanying him is his friends cheese grits and Johnny Hashrowns
When the overly friendly waitress that was missing one of her important teeth, you know the ones in the front, brought my waffle i said "theeeres my girl!" she got a big smile, i was talking about the waffle....

best art ive seen in an airport

there was alot of people in phoenix in remote control wheelchairs, maybe they all thoghtt they could fly like this guy. A picture mural we found in the airport.
They also do alot of Meth in phoenix too......

the giant sees a rainbow

phoenix doin what phoenix does best!

the best thing about this photo is that the Giant and the beast both hate crowds

3 stooges

Done Deal