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Friday, February 06, 2009

just went to Mehico to visit my moms, she built a house in San Pancho, in the jungle its beautiful. its about a 40 minute drive from PV

this is a Tejone, there raccoon like creatures with huge shnozoles! they cant hear to well and i think are pretty blind, they bump into alot of shit, and like to rummage through your gaRBAGE AND RIP YOU SCREENS, THEY GET INTO YOUR KITCHEN AND EAT YOUR COOKIE THat u left out,, GODDAMN TEJJOOOOOOONEEESSSS!!

hommade ChileChelles!

they say sometimes god finds ways to look back at you through nature, and some times old dead Muppets do too

you can never go wrong with a nice Mustache Taco!!
true story

This is the mexican dream! some one to grow old with and that trims your mustache when neede..
seriously thats what shes doing
went whale watching

baby and his mamma!

taking off, Puerto Vallarta