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Thursday, March 26, 2009

so i woke up this morning go down stairs to my studio to find out the toilet pipes burst, and is just running into the soil under neath my studio, they have to dig the whole thing up! Like 3 ft of concrete then all the pipes, a fucken nightmare, I walk in and see these dudes digging away, i make a joke saying you guys look like your escaping prison they gave me a a, why cuz where mexican u fucken whiteboy!look back.
i have so much to do still so i'm a little stressed, but when it gets to be too much i always reflect back to my 2 biggest mentors,
Lou ferrigno and Jack Bower! they wouldn't give up and neither am I!!
Lou used to always tell me in his deaf accent, "Stress is the fertilizer for creativity" thank you Lou ferrigno thank you


Blogger alexpardee said...

yo, one of the producers for my CHADAM cartoon is Lou Ferrigno's daughter, and she's awesome haha.

3:48 PM  

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