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Saturday, April 25, 2009

the days have been nice up in the Bay!


Blogger snoshu said...

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6:05 PM  
Blogger Vera Svechina said...

Dear Sam!

Today is cold and I were a jacket that I forgot I had and went to the bank by Union sq. The clerk in the bank tells me that it's your jacket (I have 2 actually, got it abut 2 years ago) and that you go to the same bank as I do. and I thought maybe it's a sign that I have to contact you!

My name is Vera Svechina and I'm from Russia. I'm a writer and film maker, but recently I have a new project called "FLYING STRIPPERS". I work as a dancer myself for 3 years and I stared to take photos of girls 1,5 years ago and making a book about girls dancers in SF, Las Vegas and NY (maybe Paris and Moscow are coming soon too) I also started clothing line "Flying strippers".

I would love to meet you ask talk to you about it all if possible. 5 live by Union sq. I can meet you this weekend.

My # 415-351-9180.

Please contact me if you have little bit of time this weekend. I can meet you somewhere in the city.

I'm leaving to Vegas monday.

here is my website:


and blog


I really look forward to hear from you!

Vera Svechina.

3:12 PM  

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