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Friday, February 12, 2010

i just got back from some really cool trips, but untill i can get all the pix together heres another montage of some things ive seen in my travels. And we all know nothing is random so whom ever can tell me what the arrangement of these pix means to them the best answer Will win a 4inx8 drawing i just did.


Blogger E.T. said...

You went to Mexico, met a ho ho ho, who had fish lips, you bought her an ice cream to distract her while you disguised your identity with a mask and hid in a bookstore. She found you and yelled at you like Samuel Jackson, telling you to "Go fuck yourself". There was a certain sexiness about the way she said it so you guys ended up "smushing", had a smoke, cleaned up, and high-tailed it out of wherever you were at. Fin.

12:15 PM  
Blogger mew said...

there is magic, laughter and whimsy to be found everywhere, you need only look with the right eyes. ^___^

9:56 PM  
Blogger TrickerCole said...

Here's the story of your trip in the actual order of events. You can change the order of the pics later on.

12:57 PM  
Blogger TrickerCole said...

-Sam's Trip-

“Flores, finally! It’s you. What’s going on, you screwball? Where are you?”
“I’m in Methaco thidy.”
“What did you say? I can’t understand you? Are you drunk?”
“Sorry, I’m eating nachos. I’m in the Mexico City airport.”
“Okay, good. You had me worried. Hey man, stop by the office tomorrow. We’ve got a lot to talk about.”
“I’m actually on my way to Japan.”
“You’re kidding? You have a show at Hang Your Thang in like two weeks. I better get paid, Sam. Don’t screw me over, like last time. I’ve got hookers to pay.”
“I’m taking a break from art. I’m going to become a ninja.”

After landing in Okinawa, Sam was greeted by a sexy samurai girl, “I’m here to escort you.”
“So wait, you’re taking me to the ninjas?”
“No, I’m taking you to the samurai?”
“How do you even know about me?”
“We intercepted your email correspondences. The ninjas think you cancelled your trip because of swine flu. Frankly, we think you’ll make a much better samurai.”
“I didn’t even think there were samurai.”
“There are just few of us. We started it back up again; last year; after we graduated college. It’s pretty much just a few dozen of us girls. Not every one is interested in becoming a samurai these days. It’s hard work.”
“I’m surprised you have trouble getting people to join. I mean, I’ll join. What the hell. That’s a movement I could get down with. I always liked samurai better anyway.”
“Yeah, I’m in. Just give me a minute.”
Sam ran to the bathroom, laughing as he passed a funny American vintage sign, but soon after he was not laughing.

At the samurai mansion Sam introduced himself, “Ladies, I’m sorry about showing up here with no clothes. I can explain. It’s actually a funny story.”
The women laughed heartily. One who appeared to be the leader, began to teach Sam a combat technique, “The most important thing to do when you fight against a man is kick him,” she nailed him in the balls, “Right there.”
Sam lopped to the ground.
“What is wrong with you?” he squealed, “I knew I should have waited to join the ninjas.”
“Take him to the Green One.”

They took Sam to a beautiful outdoor garden where a giant green fish swam around alone in a pond.
“The fish will decide your life,” said a young vixen of a samurai. “You will put your hand into the fountain, when you release it from the water, the fish may jump into your hand.”
“Okay. Then what?”
“You win your life.”

1:00 PM  
Blogger TrickerCole said...

-Sam's Trip- Part II

“Huh? That’s not going to happen. You’re not really going to kill me, because of a damn fish? Damas locas!”
The young vixen poked him with a scintillating sword. Sam put his hand into the water, then reluctantly released. Nothing happened.
“Okay, I’m not going down without a fight, ladies. Watch me bust some of these ninja moves I learned on YouTube.”
A flying object swooped toward Sam. It was the fish. It landed in his hands like they were a basket. The women dropped their weapons. Some of them dropped their bras.
“Do you any of you lovely ladies happen to have a grill?”
“You must not cook the fish!” a woman cried out.
“Why not? It’s dead.”
His escort from the airport explained, “The Green One has been said to have purple blood. Its blood is said to be a mixture of every variety of berry in the history of the Earth. You should make it into a sorbet.”
“We’ll make it for you,” spoke another samurai, “But we will not have any, it is meant for you. After eating the ice cream, you will meet your dream.”
“I think I’ve met my dream already,” he said.
“No, this is not it. Though, you can thoroughly enjoy our women while we prepare the dessert.”
He eyed the escort and a few other ladies, “It must be some kick ass ice cream. You should call it Dream Cream. Actually, maybe not.”

“Holy schnizzle snuff, this ice cream. It’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted, no offense ladies.”
The leader spoke to her samurai, “His worlds are colliding. It won’t be long before she arrives,” then turned away and all of the samurai vanished like a cloud. Sam was all alone.
“Where you all going? Come back! You gotta try this fish cream.”

He sat alone, enjoying his ice cream in the tranquility of the gardens while gazing at the distant mountains when a familiar image entered his sight. Only it was moving. He was pretty sure that he drew still pictures.
She spoke, “Hello Sam.”
She smiled.
“How? I drew you. With paint.”
“Your world’s have collided. That is why you can see me.”
“It’s my dream! This is really it. I never thought it would be possible, but you’re here. With me. I don’t care if you’re a cartoon or what others might say. We were made for each other,” said Sam as he leaned in for a kiss.”
Fatima pulled back, “I’m sorry, Sam. We are only supposed to meet. I actually have a boyfriend.”
“Who? Don’t tell, me that it’s that Wyger. He has terrible posture.”
“No, it’s Sam.”
“Oh, I get it. You have a sense of humor. That’s right, baby. It is Sam. I’m your man, so give me some 2D tongue,” he said with drool running down his cheeks when he saw a shadow and heard a loud roar. Everything suddenly went black.

1:02 PM  
Blogger TrickerCole said...

-Sam's Trip- Part III

The last thing Sam remembered was, “Muthafucka!” He awoke with a swollen upper lip and was covered with dried blood. Fatima was gone, but there was a message. It was sewn into a canvas. It was not a nice message. It told Sam to go fuck himself. Either his high school principal had returned to renew his sentiments or the message was from Fatima’s super sewing foul-mouthed boyfriend.

Sam knew he had to leave Japan. It was too dangerous. He had drawn thousands of samurai during his lifetime. What if they appeared too? It was doubtful that he could survive another gang of samurai. He went straight to the airport to book a flight.
“When is the next plane to San Francisco? And are there seats?”
“There is one tonight at 8pm. And yes, there are seats,” said Sam when his eye caught a heavily armored gang of acrylic samurai scouring the terminal. “I’m sorry. 8pm is a long time. When is your next flight out of Okinawa?”

Sam thought his life would go back to normal if he left Japan, but in a café in Pittsburgh, his breakfast spoke to him about politics and then bummed a cigarette.
“It’s a filthy habit. I know, I know. I’m gonna quit one of these days. Don’t judge me.”
“Shut up, you stupid delectable looking meal,” said Sam. “I’m starving and I can’t eat, because you’re a talking breakfast plate who smokes. I can’t think. I need to stop this. My worlds need to go separate again. This is not my dream, it’s a nightmare.”
“If you’re being genuine. And you really want things to go back to the same ol’ boring way, I know someone who could help you.”
“Yes. Please! I need help. Where can I find this someone?”

Rover was a golden retriever stuffed animal, who sat in between the children’s puzzle aisle and the graphic novel section of Barnes & Noble. Sure, he was a silly looking stuffed dog, but to Sam he was the key to his old life.
“Can we take this conversation somewhere private? That guy behind you can hear our conversation. I’m sure he thinks I’m crazy.”
“He’s fine. He’s reading Twilight. You’d either have to hit him with an anvil to break his concentration or be wearing Drakkar Noir. What is it that I can do for you.”
“I don’t want to be criss-crossed any more. I need my worlds to go back to the way they were. I have a show coming up and I really gotta get back into the studio. But I can’t paint in this state. You gotta make my life normal again.”
“I could do that. But first you gotta do something for me.”
“Like what?”
“Get me outta here.”
“That’s it? I have to take you out of this store and then you help me get my life back?”
“Well, maybe one more thing. I’ve always had a thing for blondes.”

Sam and Rover were sitting in a small dimly lit waiting room littered with porn magazines. A hoarse voiced receptionist announced, “Saucy Miss Santa is ready for the next appointment.”
Sam looked at Rover, “Do you mind if I go first?”


1:04 PM  
Blogger brokeMC said...

Samuel L. Jackson will eat your baby.

3:43 PM  
Blogger StHopson said...

LOL! Funny story. He's lucky he didn't see any dragons.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Jacqueline said...

All this imagery is the byproduct of that deliciously radioactive ube ice cream, phallic pastries and the influence of the whimsical Samuel L. Jackson.

12:13 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

trickercole 1st prize
what are your email adresses?

12:03 PM  
Blogger TrickerCole said...

Cool, man. My email is TrickerCole@live.com

11:12 AM  

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