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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just recemtly moved, and decided to go on the first of the month art walk. Wasnt that great untill i walked by a porn store next to a gallery and a old fat man was smoking out front and said "Cmon in and check out the art show",, in a groggly voice. I laughed thinking thats funny art show, it is an art show in a porn store always. He then goes no seriously theres an artshow come on in , i entered and sure enough there were paintings hung in the front of the dirty shop. Naked vampires and lesbian wrestlers, there was a table at the end of the front room with a big lonely man sitting at it with a few prints "this is my art!" he said excited and a little sad it was some comic book looking smut art it was pretty cool. Nothing amazing. i turned to leave and my eye caught this little gem. I froze , i had to take pic , i mean just the pure excitement the fat dude was going through was great, maybe just so stoked hes able to partake in an office romance 3izzle or for the fact he gets to be in a 3izzle and leave his socks on either way this was the diamond in the ruff.


Blogger Scott said...

It's interesting...

After a little searching, I found the guy's blog, if you weren't aware and care to know:


11:28 PM  

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