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Friday, April 09, 2010

Ive been so bad at getting my blog on, been in the Lab making some black magic! But lets do a little catch up.
One of my recent trips was to beautiful Medellin Colombia to Launch the Gold KidDragon figure we made for Gallery bestiaextrana.
They picked Ol Johnny Trash up from a long 34 hour flight, and we drove down the windy roads to the city.
were we ate and went to check in.

had a nice salad, a colombian cheese and spinoche canalloni, flan and a Medellin barley pop!

Then i checked in to the telly, I love hotels, good and bad. Just love hotels.
Now this one SHIIEEETT! was nicer then any house ive lived in, had my own kitchen bedroom and 2 bath.
Not trying to brag all im saying is they took care of your boy!!

Got to the event that night, kids were deffinently too cool for any school ive attended. Early in the night all the youngins were out very cool and very excited!

hit a nice veggie tofu thai jammy jam

then it was time for a plethora of custom Shit Yor Pants colombiuan shots. If u dont know what plethora means see 3amigos

Then all the heads got together and we hit this old car.

these dudes make these little cardboard figures !

Woke up with my friend Harry Hangover! had a Traditional breakfast of Cheese and a colombain Papusa, watched an amazing movie.

Christmas is more important out here then it is for Macys in the US. found this crazy display

Like i said before everyone in Colombia as breast implants, even the mannequins!

found one of the homies painting this dope bird on the street.

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5458229530865613522" />
off to the Celebration of Lights! To Be Contd.....


Blogger jelly belly said...

loooooooooove this movie ;)

5:10 AM  

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