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Thursday, May 20, 2010

me and my new fiance!!

Peace(aka any homeless guy) Big Tig


Went to Reno to see my girls Cuzin he works at Aces Tattoo they kill it out there
got me a little blood in the water TigerShark

Nicky Cadillac keeping his eye on the Prize!

designed a piece for my girl, with chinese lanterns and cherry blossoms Kev did an amazing job! it was an honor for me to get my work on her arm and blessed with Kevs ink skills. came out amazing

Year of the smoke! soo serious!
Weeknow Skeeeno


United colors of Reno

Thanks agan Cuzo!!


Blogger Seher One said...

hello Sam,
I am Seher, I hope you are well brother, very good your latest works, a big hug from Mexico.

7:25 AM  
Blogger Maxiemi¬£¬£ion said...

Sam gets luv on The Maxiemillion. How can someone hate?


12:18 PM  

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