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Monday, June 21, 2010

earlier this year went over to Cairo to meet the guys opening up new ArticulateBaboon Gallery and soak up egypt
for a show im working on later this fall. It was an amazing trip its so beautiful out there heres a little peek of sme of my sites.
more to come

Best brick perspective ever !

all the food out here is soo amazing even the hummus and bread was ike the first time having it.

even the sushi was good out there, veggie sushi

cool bar above the late night pizza spot

tile piece in the bathroom, looked like a painting

all a little blurry had to shoot from the hip on these ones


Sunday, June 20, 2010

across the street from my hotel was the art college it was cool to see all the students working.

contemporary egyptian art,

"oh wait you dont want your seafood washed in the gutter!? i gotta tell you sir thats kinda weird!"

went to the pyramids for a hot second, first thing i saw when i got there was this woman taking a photo of something i had to see what it was and well...

turns out to be probally the best photo ever

Hello im a german pool cleaner, i like sausgaes, large women and duck sauce
please press #7 if youd like to leave a message!

camel poop

Thursday, June 17, 2010

someone woke up one day and was like, you know what my life would be a whole lot fucken better if only i had a yellow balcony,,and,,

nuff said

No Paking does not exhist in the dojo!! out here, if theres no parking well you make parking!!

Lean to this!

when good DiscoTecks go bad